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2 alu-hooftrimmers at work with 105 cows

Production process

A unique concept for hooftrimmers,

The Alu-Hooftrimmer is a unique hoof trimming crush. Hoof trimming asks a lot from the hoof trimmer, but also from the animal. The Alu-Hooftrimmer is developed so that the well being of both animal and hoof trimmer is guaranteed.The CC01 chute is developed together with professional hooftrimmers for professional hoof trimmers. Nowadays we see the hoof trimming chutes become bigger and heavier because we need to trim more and larger herds of cows. The CC01 alloy chute has a weight of 710 kilograms, because it is made from a patented alloy frame.

This makes the Alu-Hooftrimmer PROF special:

  • ​For 90% made out of alloy
  • Low weight, easy to move in the barn
  • Ensures a lower fuel consumption
  • Ergonomic design for cow and hoof trimmer
  • Sustainable
  • One of the fastest crushes in the market
  • Aluminium material is a very strong and sustainable material 
  • 1. Aluminium can be 100% recycled
  • 2. Aluminium is a pure material that needs no treatment in production
  • 3. Aluminium is hardwearing and does not rust
  • 3. Aluminium has a low weight with a high strength level
  • 4. Aluminium is a material that can be weld
  • 5. Aluminium is a material also used in aerospace and aircraft industrie because of all these mentioned advantages.

Standard is a very complete equiped hooftrimmer crush where there are 2 different types of backleg fixations possible. (CC01 and CC02)
The third type is optional with an axle for towing behind a car (and EU numberplate registration)


In practice

Features in the model CC01

Take a look at the production of the alu-hooftrimmer,

 where craftsmen are taking care of the best construction, with the best materials in combination with the best functionalities.

Alu-Hooftrimmers with a large amount of cows

for large amounts of cows that needs hooftrimming this setup is ideal for both the animals as the hooftrimmers, the hydraulic system is fast and accurate.

Build by and for hooftrimmers,

As professionals we know exactly what the most important aspects of a perfect hooftrimming crush are,

  • durability
  • safety
  • reliability
  • costs/pricing
  • deliverability spare parts
  • garantees
  • certificates quality
  • ergonomics
  • interchangeability
  • modifications
  • aftercare / service
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The Alu-Hooftrimmer at work,

In these pictures you can see the setting with more crushes in a row.